Andrew Carroll is a consultant and "numbers guy." He grew up mostly in Northern California and went to Cal State Fullerton (in Southern California) for an accounting and finance degree. He works with people and businesses of all shapes and sizes. His passion is building businesses. His two primary businesses are CFOAndrew, a virtual CPA company for freelancers and Accrual Empire, a CFO consulting company. He also runs divisions for other larger companies, includes running the tax and accounting departments for Hyke Inc and a family office company for Kingstone Financial. Andrew lives in McKinney, Texas with his wife and children.

Brett Kelly is a digital marketer, web developer, and author. Unlike Andrew, Brett has just the one company, Robot Army Industries. Under that moniker, he helps small businesses build authority through custom websites, content strategy, marketing automation, and effective storytelling. He reads copious amounts of books, cooks in mediocre fashion, and pummels his son at FIFA 20 from his home in Orange County, California where he resides with his wife and children.

After meeting in 2011, Andrew and Brett became friends. The Means of Production is the successor to their previous podcast, Orthogonal.

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