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015: Formulae for Success

You can't guarantee an outcome.

014: Hold Success Loosely

013: Return Requires Risk

You're probably thinking about risk incorrectly.

012: Jonesing for Work

Is it hard work... or addiction?

011: Level of Materiality

Leadership strategies for healthy growth.

The Cost of More

Thinking about what "more" will cost you (and whether it's a viable trade-off).

009: The Logical Fallacy of "More Money"

Learning to stop thinking in terms of "more."

008: Nothing to do with Rent

Andrew spells out rent-seeking and why it matters for you.

007: The Names on Your Jersey

Your jersey has two names on it.

006: Find the Money

Brett and Andrew disagree, then they argue. Like, for real.

005: Relative Wealth

Andrew describes how wealth is built during down economies. Brett ignores the rules.

004: Dreams and Theories

Andrew and Brett explore the hypothetical reality of social and economic "re-opening."

003: Divert and Redund

Brett is asked, firmly, to leave Facebook. Chaos ensues.

002: Analysis Paralysis

A non-alarmist, sober exploration/explanation of the various government relief options available to American businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

001: We Meet Again

After taking an unplanned podcasting break for a few months, Andrew and Brett return with a new show and a new name. This week, we're discussing how businesses can best proceed during quarantine and an economic aberration. Fun times!

165: The Next Chapter, Part One

The podcast is changing. Listen to find out how/why.

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