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163: Annual Planning - 2020

Brett and Andrew compare turkeys, planning procedures.

160: Professional Headspace

Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do.

159: Leverage Yourself

We discuss various random things but also the ideas behind joining forces with another business. A "Joint Venture" if you will

158: Future Investments

Would you buy 10% of Brett? Also, should college be an equity investment, not debt?

157: Entropy Windows

How Brett and Andrew annoy their wives and why everything is trash.

156: The Elbow of The Deal

Be at the elbow of the deal, but sometimes mixers are great! Also, Brett needs business cards.

154: Penny Wise

Andrew and Brett discuss money and what it's actually for.

153: Keep Moving and Get Out Of The Way

We revisit our favorite policy - keep moving and get out of the way - and how the IRS doesn't do it.

151: Be Okay With The Obsession

Turning shared obsessions into businesses.

150: Schedules & Calendars For Days

We discuss coming back from Summer Break and how sane families keep things organized

149: Hard Knock Life

In the last episode before summer break, we talk about the "School of Hard Knocks"

148: The Trust Game

Evidence of decline, democracy, and your business. Sometimes trusting someone with authority is OK.

146: The Art of Knowing Just Enough

You don't need to be an expert at things to do them. You just need to be good enough.

145: Snowball of Solutions

It's probably simpler than you think. Seriously.

145: Cognitive Spelunking

We dig into what R&D really means in a small business.

142: The Freelancer Lexicon

Real-time development of the Freelancer Lexicon.

141: What's Our Plan B?

There are always more good opportunities and even the best ones won't work. Plan B is what matters.

139: Pivot for Progress

Today we talk about pivoting. And Brett's 90-minute offer.

137: Humans. We Introduce Bugs

The best systems are automated. But the monitoring of those systems isn't. And how to monitor them is more than just "double checking"

136: Everyone Needs a Personal Assistant

The dynamic duo discuss how to be patient and scale yourself.

135: Attitude, Gratitude and Relative Success

Andrew and Brett discuss success, envy, and Paul. No, not that one.

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