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163: Annual Planning - 2020

Brett and Andrew compare turkeys, planning procedures.

162: Minimum Valuable Business (feat. Nalini Indorf Kaplan)

This week, your boys continue their discussion with very special guest, Nalini Indorf Kaplan. This time around, we get practical. Links Check out Nalini's System o...

160: Professional Headspace

Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do.

159: Leverage Yourself

We discuss various random things but also the ideas behind joining forces with another business. A "Joint Venture" if you will

158: Future Investments

Would you buy 10% of Brett? Also, should college be an equity investment, not debt?

157: Entropy Windows

How Brett and Andrew annoy their wives and why everything is trash.

156: The Elbow of The Deal

Be at the elbow of the deal, but sometimes mixers are great! Also, Brett needs business cards.

155: Respite In A World of Torture

Today, your boys discuss the difficulty of separating work from non-work for freelancers and entrepreneur types. Specifically, how much our work informs our identity. ...

154: Penny Wise

Andrew and Brett discuss money and what it's actually for.

153: Keep Moving and Get Out Of The Way

We revisit our favorite policy - keep moving and get out of the way - and how the IRS doesn't do it.

151: Be Okay With The Obsession

Turning shared obsessions into businesses.

150: Schedules & Calendars For Days

We discuss coming back from Summer Break and how sane families keep things organized

149: Hard Knock Life

In the last episode before summer break, we talk about the "School of Hard Knocks"

148: The Trust Game

Evidence of decline, democracy, and your business. Sometimes trusting someone with authority is OK.

147: Outsource Everything but Your Genius

This week, your band of brothers unpacks yet another floor on the Skyscraper of Wealth™. Specifically, we talk about management through delegation. But the delegation...

146: The Art of Knowing Just Enough

You don't need to be an expert at things to do them. You just need to be good enough.

145: Snowball of Solutions

It's probably simpler than you think. Seriously.

145: Cognitive Spelunking

We dig into what R&D really means in a small business.

143: A Dog Called Brisket

This week, your favorite two dorks build a lexicon for freelancers and small business types. High points include: Andrew is a man about town, but only compared to B...

142: The Freelancer Lexicon

Real-time development of the Freelancer Lexicon.

141: What's Our Plan B?

There are always more good opportunities and even the best ones won't work. Plan B is what matters.

139: Pivot for Progress

Today we talk about pivoting. And Brett's 90-minute offer.

138: Build In Management

Using pools and sod cutters as analogies, your boys in blue unpack digging in versus outsourcing, improving your processes, and how to move grass around a yard. High ...

137: Humans. We Introduce Bugs

The best systems are automated. But the monitoring of those systems isn't. And how to monitor them is more than just "double checking"

136: Everyone Needs a Personal Assistant

The dynamic duo discuss how to be patient and scale yourself.

135: Attitude, Gratitude and Relative Success

Andrew and Brett discuss success, envy, and Paul. No, not that one.

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