137: Humans. We Introduce Bugs

The best systems are automated. But the monitoring of those systems isn't. And how to monitor them is more than just "double checking"

Today Andrew and Brett talk about systems and automation. And how both automation and people can fail - hot tip: they fail in different ways.

High points include:

  • Brett's cat is bringing "gifts" into the house
  • Set it and forget it is not a thing
  • Computers systems don't degrade
  • People love shortcuts
  • When you streamline systems you are almost always removing double checks
  • Brett loves checklists
  • If clients/bosses only see the failures, it is tough to communicate value
  • The pro of computers: They do not deviate. This is also the Con.
  • Andrew and Brett are going to get back to their roots. Metaphors.

Quotes: "It's amazing how much work you can just 'not do' and people don't notice" -Andrew


Internal Control

Checklist Manifesto

Test Driven Development

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