145: Cognitive Spelunking

We dig into what R&D really means in a small business.

Your dynamic duo digs into what us freelancers call "cognitive spelunking". Which, in the tower of business, is the research and development portion of the tower. We talk about that means and how it is different from improving your operations and researching a market.

High points include:

  • Most people just accept things. Life might be simpler that way
  • Cognitive Spelunking is R&D in the tower of Business
  • Brett knows EVERYTHING. Andrew is impressed
  • Market research is not R&D
  • Andrew thinks R&D is testing the existential purpose of your business
  • Brett thinks it more about making new products
  • In a small company we're both right

Quote "It has to be T-Shirtable or no one is going to learn it" - Andrew


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