158: Future Investments

Would you buy 10% of Brett? Also, should college be an equity investment, not debt?

Andrew talked to someone about an idea that he thought was fascinating and your duo talks about it today. Can you take an angel investment in yourself?

High points include:

  • Why S-Corps save money on taxes
  • Can you have an angel investment in yourself?
  • Are you a blue chip stock or a small-cap?
  • Maybe college should be an equity investment and not a debt investment
  • How do you value a person? It won't be equitable, that's for sure
  • What if we actually invested IN people, instead of leveraging them?
  • Time value of money is weird
  • Does investing in them objectify them? or empower them?



  • "I'm.... I'm not well" -- Brett
  • "Moral issues with monetizing 8th graders aside..." -- Andrew

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