160: Professional Headspace

Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do.

This week, your boys have a meandering, low-energy conversation about how to be a professional while still accepting the overwhelm ingredient in being a solo operator or small team. The real bummer is that it's hard and that there's no easy way to overcome this other than plowing through it.

High points include:

  • Compartmentalizing different tasks and areas of work to limit their impact on unrelated, adjacent stuff.
  • Be objective about how everything is going.
  • Brett outlines how he is attempting to create order within work chaos (and how his boundaries are awful)


  • "My head is always three places." -- Andrew
  • "Most of your job is figuring out who you're going to disappoint today." -- Andrew


Andrew attempts to activate his new Google Pixel 4© while on his existing phone.

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