159: Leverage Yourself

We discuss various random things but also the ideas behind joining forces with another business. A "Joint Venture" if you will

We discuss Brett's plans to try to leverage yourself. But sometimes the best way to leverage yourself is "people". But "people" can mean a LOT of different things.

High points include:

  • It might be time to hang it up
  • Why Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is an Apples and Oranges problem
  • Brett loves the Genius Distillery and hates Friends.
  • It's all about brands and umbrellas
  • Brett is wrong about Joint Ventures
  • Can you joint venture without having to treat it like a "jobby job"?
  • There is a lot of middle ground between "I just work for myself" and "I own 100% of a big company"
  • Andrew has two roles: I own 100%, or sub 10%



  • "I got regular hired. I offered an acqui-hire and they said "nah"" -- Brett

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