161: Security w/ Nalini Indorf Kaplan

How to be secure in an insecure world.

This week, your boys are blessed with a very special guest, Nalini Indorf Kaplan, who educates us about online security.

High points include:

  • Andrew has no idea why or how any of this works
  • Do we care if people have our information?
  • Brett's moving to the mountains
  • Access isn't the issue, it's how the access is used
  • Ease of use and security are always the trade-off
  • Most professional services are about trust, not the service
  • Are companies protecting themselves by gathering data?
  • Or are they being creepy by stalking you?
  • The truth is that everyone needs to be more upfront about it - Choices matter!


  • "It is VERY difficult to get away from the trifecta: Apple, Google, Microsoft" -- Nalini


Check out Nalini's System of Trust

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