163: Annual Planning - 2020

Brett and Andrew compare turkeys, planning procedures.

Your favorite biz bois are back with an in-depth discussion of why planning is important. This one is mostly Brett talking about himself, he realizes as he's doing these show notes.

High points include:

  • Brett spends an entire day planning instead of working; he did not use a spreadsheet.
  • The goal of taking a day for planning; in our case, the outcome isn't a plan exactly...
  • Brett outlines what he's going to offer people
  • Brett's attempt to read an hour a day


  • "I ain't about hand-crankin' nothin'." -- Brett
  • "You gotta have a motor built for what you want to do." -- Andrew
  • "If you can say 'no,' you can rule the world."


  • We recorded two episodes that were lost
  • Brett's landlord stockpiles grain for the apocalypse
  • Brett's plan to turn the grain containers into devices to smoke brisket

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