004: Dreams and Theories

Andrew and Brett explore the hypothetical reality of social and economic "re-opening."
This week, your boys unpack the notion of how a gradually re-opening economy might look and affect businesses. Specifically:
  • Brett cynically assumes lots of people will use an abundance of caution as an excuse for laziness.
  • How remote work's newfound acceptance will affect things like real estate, employee benefits, etc.
  • Potential changes to the fundamental nature of work and how performance is measured.
Also, Brett fumes about the subpar music in the live-action remake of The Lion King. Andrew subsequently complains about crappy remakes of classic movies.

Other highlights include:
  • Brett hears "threenager" for the first time, falls in love.
  • "This one's called 'Better Will Hunting.'"
  • None of us have anything to talk about.
Administrative Note: Brett screwed up the scheduling for the previous episode and it went out almost a week late. Proof of his imperfection abounds and he regrets the error.

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